Deep down, we all want to be healthy and out of survival mode. But if we’re not careful, something will always get in our way.

Knowing what it feels like to be burned out and how you don’t always realise what you’re doing to your body when you’re stuck on the busy hamster wheel of life, I created Get Set Thrive. 

The Get Set Thrive platform is packed full of wisdom to help you move from surviving to thriving – in all areas of your life. Inside you’ll unlock The 7 Steps to Sanity e-course PLUS a series of videos – updated weekly – that will help you keep you and your health at the top of your priority list

Here are just some of the topics we’ll dive into:

  • How to end the year mentally ready for next year
  • How to live not feeling obliged
  • Managing and preventing headaches
  • Why you are short-tempered and how to fix it
  • How to stop needing alcohol to unwind
  • What is holding you back from living the life of your dreams
  • How to stop emotionally eating
  • How to protect your energy
  • What to do when the joy has gone out of your life
  • Do doona days really work?
  • How to manage being in a dysfunctional workplace
  • What to do if your appetite is all over the place
  • How to ask for help – when you don’t want to

12 Modules

Move Your Body

When it comes to moving our body, its quality over quantity and being able to move your body anywhere not just in a gym.


Play More

The opposite of play is not work — it is depression.

Dr Stuart Brown

Your Hormones Your Health and You

How to stop yo yo dieting

How to make healthy butter

Why Kinesiology is so valuable

In this video I interview my Kinesiologist Sal Howe from 

Kinesiology was one of my most practiced modalities in my clinic days and I see it as being essential to living from a place of prevention. Listen in to understand why.

Modules for this product 12
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